Dancer and teacher Anastasia Francaviglia grew up in Sicily where she began studying ballet and modern dance at the age of four. Over the years she has studied modern jazz, swimming, majorettes, juggling, and pyrotechnics. She graduated from a Liceo Classico (classical studies high school) and in 1999 began her training in Oriental dance with the Algerian teacher Abir Naighatef. After transferring to Rome she continued her studies with Isabel De Lorenzo (Brasil-
Italy), Marialuisa Sales (Italy), Saad Ismail (Egypt), Leyla Haddad (Tunisia-France), Hadia (Turkey-Canada). Anastasia studied Cultural Anthropology at the Università La Sapienza di Roma and in 2007 she graduated with top honours for her thesis on bellydance. A passion for travel and a strong interest in languages and foreign cultures inspired her to set sail, between 1998 and 2003, for Brasil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, India, Spain, France, England, Denmark and Holland. During these journeys she discovered and studied in depth several kinds of dance – afrobrasilian, salsa, folk and ethnic styles, gypsy, flamenco, and contemporary – as well as hatha yoga and qi quong. In Rome she studied performance arts, theatrical dance, bioenergy for artists and began improvising with rythym and arab music with Jamal Ouassini, Simone Pulvano, Abdallah Mohammed e Saleh Tawil. In 2007 she began her career as an Oriental dance teacher at C.U.S. in Rome and and at the center for dance Movart di Terni. Thanks to her many years of preparation and her inate talent for interpretation in dance she was a guest dancer at the 2008 contemporary oriental dance performance Al muallaqat at Teatro Greco di Roma, directed by Isabel De Lorenzo. One year later she was invited to dance at first Arab World in Italy Festival (Festival del Mondo Arabo in Italia) in Calabria. Anastasia continued refining her skills by completing a three-year long course in Expressive Arab Dance; she studied under Roberta Bongini and Gaia Scuderi at l'Opus Ballet di Firenze and was awarded her certification in 2011. In Italy she has collaborated in numerous theatrical productions with directors Ivan Tanteri, Berta Ceglie, Nando Citarella, and in cinema with Giovanni Veronesi. She is a dancer for several musical groups including Ons, Takadum Orchestra, Araband, Jahmila, I Circolabili e Yasa Project. In 2009 she discovered Danza Duende and decided to pursue her studies with Yumma Mudra (Myriam Szabo.) Since 2012 she has been qualified to teach not only Oriental dance but also Free and Gypsy Duende and has begun to work in collaboration with Progetto Duende, holding workshops and giving performances on the Danza Duende circuit in Italy and Spain. Anastasia speaks Italian, Spanish, English, and Portuguese. She currently lives and works in Rome, Italy where she has performed in the city's various theaters since 2008. She teaches Oriental Dance and holds classes and workshops at Centro Sanlò and at the center for art, dance, and culture Insieme per fare. In addition she contributes to the online magazine 'Bellydance Italia' writing articles and essays on dance. Her work as a dancer, teacher, and artist is characterized by originality, refinement, and elegance. She is ever in search of new stimuli that can enrich both her considerable technical skills and personal style as a means of expressing her authentic human spirit.